What Do Water Filtration Systems Remove From Drinking Water?

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What Do Water Filtration Systems Remove From Drinking Water?

Based on appearance, most drinking water looks innocuous. However, when sent through a filtration process, it might so happen that water that appeared perfectly safe to drink had a few unhealthy contaminants. To assure that your home’s drinking water is always as pure as possible, it’s worth investing in a high-grade water filtration system. If you’ve asked yourself, “What do water filtration systems remove from drinking water?” Alamo Water Softeners is here to answer. Discover which contaminants water-purifying equipment can rid from your water.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals commonly found in hard water. Though neither mineral is considered dangerous to drink, both may impact your drinking water’s flavor.

On top of making for some funky-tasting water, calcium and magnesium are harsh on the rest of your home. If you notice grime in the shower, residue on your dishes, or a decline in water pressure, your home’s water may need a filtration system to remove these minerals.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are harmful gases emitted into the air from various products and processes. They reside indoors and outdoors and pose major health risks. Formaldehyde is a popular example of a VOC.

Because VOCs can penetrate soil, they’re often found in groundwater. If the VOCs in this water don’t degrade during water treatment processes, they can end up in your drinking water. Home filtration systems can protect your household from these illness-inducing chemicals.

Chemicals and Toxins

Municipal water treatment facilities combat hazardous bacteria in drinking water. The chlorine used to tackle contaminants, though, can pose a threat itself. Residual chlorine compounds can react with innate elements to produce trihalomethanes.

Public health professionals have found that trihalomethanes, or THMS, can cause a slew of adverse health issues. Fortunately, water filtration systems remove THMs from drinking water, so you can hydrate without fretting about harsh chemicals and toxins.

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