What Type of Water Softener Is Best for My Home?

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What Type of Water Softener Is Best for My Home?

When using a water filtration system in your home, you’ll quickly notice a favorable difference in your home appliances’ performance, skin and hair, and laundry. The perks of a home water system make an investment for one well worthwhile. If you’re on the search for a filtration system, you might be asking, “What type of water softener is best for my home?” Alamo Water Softeners is here to provide a breakdown of considerations for selecting the ideal softener for your home.

How To Determine Which Water Softener Type You Need

To determine which type of water softener you need, you’ll first need to sort the kind of water problems you’re having. Enlist water treatment professionals to assess your home’s water conditions. Proper analysis is critical to choosing the correct softener.

Once you investigate the current state of your home’s water, you’ll have a much better idea of which type of softener will work best. The different types of water softeners are as follows—knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help decide which is preferable:

Salt-Based (Ion Exchange)

This type of softener is one of the most common. Salt-based softeners replace minerals that cause hard water with sodium ions. However, if your water has bacteria or chemicals, the ion exchange process will not remove it.


Instead of removing hard minerals, salt-free softeners neutralize them to prevent buildup. Though initially more expensive, this softener type requires less routine maintenance than salt-based systems. It rids water of additional impurities, such as bacteria.


If you travel in an RV or trailer, a portable softener might be right for you. It’s small, compact, and doesn’t require electricity. These systems are great for single bathrooms or drinking water but typically can’t supply enough purified water for a whole house.


Need a cheaper softener option? Showerhead softeners are perfect for individuals simply looking for the benefits of a water softener in their bathroom. Soap scum will be a thing of the past and your hair and skin will be feeling soft and hydrated.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems strip water of all substances. This system will only provide soft water to one faucet, but you’ll have unlimited purified water on tap. Most RO systems can also reintroduce beneficial minerals, so you can still get a healthy intake.

For water softener services in San Antonio, check out Alamo Water Softeners. Our top priority is to ensure the highest value of water with our water filtration systems. We tackle severely hard water, so your household doesn’t have to. Contact us today for assistance in deciding what type of water softener is best for your home.