Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home

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Signs You Have Hard Water in Your HomeSigns You Have Hard Water in Your Home

Water is constantly rushing through homes to help homeowners bathe and perform routine chores. However, hard water can make accomplishing these tasks difficult—it can even be detrimental. Hard water contains excess minerals—mostly calcium and magnesium—that can have adverse effects on your health and on your home appliances’ efficacy. High-quality water treatments can diminish those risks through proper filtration. Understand the telltale signs you have hard water in your home so that you know when to implement a filter system. 

Residue on Faucets and Sinks

Are you constantly removing grime from sinks, faucets, and other water-processing fixtures in your home? Much of the film that collects in these appliances is due to product residue, but hard water is another contributing factor. One way to tell if residue is a result of hard water is to check the film’s color. Limescale deposits with a green tint are often indicative of hard water, as are rust-colored blemishes on porcelain sinks and toilets.

Your Water Tastes Funny

Another one of the apparent signs you have hard water in your home is how your water tastes. If you think your water tastes odd, chances are, it’s because of its high mineral count. High levels of minerals can make water taste metallic. If your water tastes strange even though you have a water softener, that’s an indicator the softener’s filters are ready to be replaced.

Dull or Stiff Laundry

Another standout warning your home uses hard water is unfavorable laundry. Hard water is unable to clean clothes as thoroughly as filtered water. Stiff clothing is often the result of soap residue, which also typically wears out clothing colors, too.

Inefficient Appliances

Low water pressure, mineral buildup, and clogged valves are all hard water possibilities that can ruin household appliances. You may notice that your dishwasher, washer, or water heater aren’t performing adequately; appliances that utilize hard water wear down more quickly than apparatuses that process soft, high-quality water. 

Tending to the Problem

You can avoid these nuisances by upgrading your home’s water system with a water softener. Alamo Water Softeners offers comprehensive water treatment in San Antonio to ensure the health and efficiency of the water flowing through your home. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality services.