The Effect Hard Water Can Have on Appliances

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The Effect Hard Water Can Have on Appliances

There are several ways that hard water can negatively impact your household. It can dry your hair, leave streaks on your dishes, and ruin your appliances. That said, what’s the damage to your appliances, and how does hard water affect them? Learn more about it here.

Clogged Dirty Pipes

The harder your water is, the more you can expect a ton of minerals to leak onto the insides of your pipes. Hard water buildup will happen with most appliances, but it’s far more common in those pipes that carry hot water. If you think about it, that’s for all the appliances and fixtures you regularly use, whether we’re talking about your washer and dryer or the kitchen faucet. The mineral buildup will constrict pipe openings. This reduces the flow of water pressure in your showerhead and faucets. In extreme cases, it can block your pipes entirely and burst them.

Inefficient Appliances

Hard water makes your water-use appliances more inefficient, including your water heater, refrigerator, and even your dishwasher. This can decrease your major appliances’ lifespan and increase their maintenance needs. Scale buildup can also increase energy bills greatly, so not having a water softener will cost you. This is a serious effect that hard water can have on appliances. It’ll make things worse for your wallet in the long run, so ensure you don’t ignore it in your home. 

Filthy Shower Heads

Since your municipality gives you groundwater for domestic use, you’re likely bathing and showering in hard water. This waster also has a lot of bacteria, scum, and hard metals that you certainly don’t want on your body or hair. Since calcium and chlorine harm your scalp, you should use hard water treatment options.

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