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Alamo Water Softeners FAQ page

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If you are having trouble connecting your water softener unit to your home wifi connection, here are Part One and Part Two of that tutorial that is on our YouTube page.

1) Do you install water softeners for well water or just city water?
Alamo Water Softeners can install the highest quality water treatment products in your home or business whether you are on a well or your water is supplied by a municipality. Well water does have larger variances in water quality so it is always recommended to start with lab analysis. We provide that service as well as onsite testing when appropriate.

2) Can you service my old existing unit?
Water softeners do not last forever, however, many systems can last over 20 years with proper maintenance. Call us for a free no-obligation system check to see if we can repair your current system.

3) Can you have someone test my water?
Yes, We can! Water conditions are ever-changing, which is why it is so important to have your water tested periodically. Call us for a free no-obligation water test. We can then help you to understand what is in your water and tailor a system to fit your home’s needs.

4) I already know my water is hard, can I just get a quote over the phone?
We always prefer to meet with you at the home to conduct our own review of the home’s plumbing and water quality to make sure our recommendation is right for your home. Water quality and needs vary from home to home. Some homeowners, however, know their home and water well enough to receive a remote bid whether that is by phone, zoom or email is up to you! A great place to start is the CCR found on the water provider’s website if you are on city water.

5) Will this help protect my appliances like my hot water heater and dishwasher?
Many people don’t realize that hard water can damage homes’ plumbing and water-using appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters cost more money in repairs. You can extend the life of your plumbing and appliances by installing an Alamo Water Softener.

6) Will this help my skin, hair, dishes, and shower glass scum?
Hard water dries out your hair and skin by leaving mineral deposits which can create skin problems. It also leaves mineral deposits on your bathtub, shower, and other appliances making them difficult to clean. Installing an Alamo Water Softener will eliminate the mineral build-up on your skin and around your home. Everyone’s skin and hair are different, soft water can definitely improve skin and hair, especially when combined with soaps and shampoos that are right for you.

7) Is my water pressure important to soften my water?
Water pressure is extremely important. If your pressure is too high your softener and water filters will not have a chance to work properly since your water could be passing through too quickly. If your water pressure is extremely high…it can damage your water softener. Your home’s water pressure should be set anywhere between 60-80psi. Any questions please give us a call.

8) What kind of salt can I use for my softener?
Any type of water softener salt will work for your system. However, pelletized salt has bonding agents in it in order to create the pellet. The solar crystal salt does help your system operate better.

9) Do you have financing options if I need to purchase a new water softener system?
Yes, we offer financing options for you. You can find out about all the options that may be best for you during your appointment with one of our technicians.

10) Do you have Rental Units available for a monthly fee?
Yes, we do! Your fee is determined by our evaluation of the needs of your family and home. Call us for a free no-obligation evaluation.

11. Do all of your units have warranties?
Yes, they do! We have literally thousands of customers and one of the things they appreciate the most is our warranties.

12) How long should a water softener last?
Water softeners do not last forever, however, many systems can last over 20 years with proper maintenance. Call us for a system check to see how well your current system is performing.

13) We are buying a new home that is not plumbed for a water softener, can you plumb for our new home?
We sure can! Somewhere around 50% of our customer’s homes were not plumbed for water softeners but now they are. Call us for a free no-obligation evaluation.

14) We are building a new home, can you install it in new builds?
Yes, we can! Give us a call for a free no-obligation evaluation.

15) Do you provide monthly salt delivery so we do not have to hassle with buying the bags from the store and hauling them home?
We Sure Do! Give us a call we would love to tell you about our salt delivery program.

16) What is the difference between a Reverse Osmosis system and a Whole House Filtration System?
A reverse osmosis system gives you better water quality at what is referred to in the industry at the POU (point of use) or at the kitchen sink with a separate small faucet. Reverse osmosis filters have a pore size of around 0.0001 micron. After the water passes through a reverse osmosis filter, it is essentially pure water. When you hear the term “whole house filtration” in the Water Treatment Industry it could mean several different things…some companies will refer to a water softener as a whole house filtration system, and some companies will refer to carbon filtration as whole house filtration, there are many different levels of filtration. As you can see the answer to this question can get quite lengthy real fast. Give us a call. We will be happy to discuss and share with you our expertise when comparing reverse osmosis and whole-house filtration.

17) If we have a water softener do we also need a water filtration system?
Yes, you do. The reason is a water softener will take the hardness out of your water but there are chemicals and contaminants that a water softener will not remove that a filtration system will.

18) Why should we purchase a water softener from you as opposed to another company?
Great Question! We try to sum it up with 3 things…(1) Our PEOPLE…customer service was in our conception as a company and it remains to this day. It is in our DNA…and that is because of our people! (2) Our Product…through our years of experience in the industry…we have found the best quality products out there and we will not offer our customers and potential customers anything less (3) Our Prices…when comparing systems side by side we will have the best value per dollar. It’s the overall experience from the beginning of our process until the end. Our mindset is there is no end, we continue to serve you long after our system is in place. Please check out our reviews and give us a call. “Our Customers Say it Best !”

19) We purchased a Water Softening system from you a few years ago, how often do we need to have it serviced, and do you have an annual maintenance agreement for this?
We recommend service at least once every three years. We do have a membership program that would include maintenance and savings on several plumbing items. Give us a call today to learn about our maintenance and membership programs.

20) How do I locate my main water meter / water shutoff?
Check out our YouTube Page for a video on how to locate you water meter / main water shutoff.

21) My electricity went out and the clock to my water softener unit is not correct. How do I update the time on my water softener unit?
We have a video demonstrating how to update the time on your water softener system right on our YouTube page. Just click here to see the tutorial on how to update the clock on your water softener system.