5 Common Contaminants Water Filters Eliminate

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5 Common Contaminants Water Filters Eliminate

You likely have questions if you’re considering getting a filtration system for your home. For instance, what does it filter? How does it differ from a water softener? These questions and many more may be at the forefront of your mind. Here are the top five common contaminants water filters eliminate below.

Heavy Metals

Most physical water filters remove heavy metals, or metallic elements of high toxicity and density. This category of particles includes elements like copper, arsenic, lead, and mercury. Our water filtration systems in San Antonio are sturdy and remove heavy metal particles from the water. These metals are incredibly dangerous to consume and can lead to short-term risks like abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and nausea.


Chlorine is abundant in city water supplies and is purposely dumped in the water to eliminate bacteria. It can also affect water odor and taste. An abundance of chlorine contributes to ill health. In large quantities, it can cause blurred vision, burning sensations, and even shortness of breath.

Added Fluoride

Fluoride is added to the water treatment process for its oral health benefits. There is substantial controversy about the effects of fluoride on health. It’s said to prevent tooth decay, but it can also cause abnormal tastes, eye irritation, and headaches. This is a common contaminant water filters eliminate.


Iron is relatively common in water, and it’s not unhealthy to consume. That said, it does cause bad tastes, filtration inefficiencies, and unsightly stains on your dishes and linens. Various types of iron exist in water, and they are treated differently. Ferric iron doesn’t dissolve completely in water, so sediment filters are ideal trapping mechanisms as water passes through the filter.


Anyone who can smell sulfur will tell you it’s pungent like rotten eggs and gives water a bitter taste. It’s generally not dangerous except in extremely high quantities. Still, it has unpleasant effects on water. Activated carbon filters, RO systems, and distillers reduce sulfur concentrations in water.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our short analysis of water filters that are perfect for removing contaminants. The right filter could save you a lot in terms of hassles and health complications.