When Is the Best Time of Year To Have Your Water Tested?

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Whether you live in a small town or a large city, water testing is essential to the health and safety of you and your family. Without water testing, you can’t analyze your water’s quality, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Water can contain all kinds of contaminants, from nitrate to E. coli, so you must check it to ensure your water is safe to consume and bathe with. One of the biggest questions you may have is what the best time of year will be to have your water tested. We’ll answer that question below.

Why You Should Test Your Water

Water is a fundamental building block of life. It can also contain many contaminants that can threaten your health and wellness. These contaminants can be physical such as sediment, or chemical, such as pesticides and nitrogen. Luckily, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) that tell you about the state of the water, if there are contaminants, and what kind there are in the water. That said, not everyone gets this report, such as those in small towns and people that rely on well water. Also, water can get contaminated as it travels through your pipes. This is why it’s essential to test your water. Luckily for you, here at Alamo Water Softeners, we offer water testing in San Antonio, Texas, that can help you tremendously.

When To Test Your Water Quality

You can test your water year-round, but doing so annually in the spring is beneficial. Spring is quite rainy, and this excess water picks up a ton of nitrate, bacteria, and crop chemicals. If your well leaks, this contaminated water will enter your well and eventually your pipes. During late summer or winter, the same well may test safely. As such, the wet season is the best time of the year to have your water tested.

How To Test Your Water Quality

We recommend using our water testing services or a privately owned lab. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can purchase water testing kits that give you results for around $20. Test strips detect more common contaminants like copper, nitrate, and lead. After placing the strip in the water, compare the testing pad to the results sheet to ensure your levels are within acceptable ranges. If it isn’t, it might be time to take advantage of some of the whole home filtration services that we have available.

Water is truly essential to our lives. We need to ensure it’s safe to consume and shower in. If you want to get your water properly filtered, contact us here at Alamo Water Softeners! We’re here for you!