When Is It Time To Get a Water Softener?

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When Is It Time To Get a Water Softener?

Water softeners are effective at saving your dishes, appliances, and skin health. They protect against hard water, which is water that has calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. While it has no extremely horrible health consequences, it’s still a nuisance and can affect your quality of life. As we’ll see, hard water can negatively impact skin health, ruin your appliances, and even affect your energy bills. So when is it time to buy a water softener? Check out the signs below.

When You Notice Staining

The buildup of calcium and magnesium in your water can be so bad that you’ll notice scale deposits in your toilet bowls, sinks, and bathtub. This happens because the minerals in hard water don’t dissolve as they should, leading to mineral deposits where the water touches the most. The deposits are white and scaly. Another indicator that something is amiss is when your water leaves streaks on your dishes whenever you wash them. This means it’s time to add a water softener, and you should look into whole house water filtration systems in Houston.

When You See Scale Buildup

Have you noticed a scaly white substance caked on your showerhead? This is an example of the scaly deposits prevalent when your water is too hard. As mentioned above, it leaves a chalky residue that’s hard to remove. It’s not just external things like dishes and shower heads that feel the effects; internal piping can also accrue major damage. Hard water can clog the pipes, leading to expensive repairs, as your appliances stop working as efficiently as they should. As we’ll see, energy and water inefficiency affect you in more ways than one.

When You’re Paying Higher Bills

Did you know that hard water is often the reason for high gas and heating bills? As we mentioned above, hard water clogs pipes. Since your water heater must work overtime to do its job (the piping is narrower than before), you end up paying more for your gas and heating bill. This could cost you quite a penny in the long run, so getting a water softener can reduce how much you pay over time. If the heating bill is too high, then it’s time to buy a water softener.

In short, water softeners can greatly improve the quality of your life, and if you see any of these signs, it’s time to invest in one. Without a water softener, you might end up with streaked dishes, a high heating bill, and other undesirable consequences, so save yourself the trouble. Buy from Alamo Water Softeners today!