Total Care ONE

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Alamo Water Softeners Total Care ONE Filter — Complete Water Treatment
Total Care One Filter

When it comes to your water, enjoy the peace of mind our contaminant reduction and water conditioning system can provide for your family. The combination of a specialized ONE™ cartridge filter and the advanced technology behind our Total Care® Conditioner is the perfect solution to some of the most difficult contaminants.

This two-stage system is certified to protect your family from lead, cysts, and other harmful contaminants such as PFOA and PFOS. * Accompanied by our Total Care® conditioner, your home is assured the best quality water possible. Equipped with exclusive Crystal-Right™ media, the conditioner filters iron and manganese, softens hardness minerals, and has the ability to raise pH levels of acidic water, all in a single product!  With the Vortech distribution plate included this product will be sure to deliver high, and consistent flow rates and provide a deeper clean.


Every component, feature, and innovation of our Total Care ONE conditioners have been designed to bring the most efficient, highest quality water to you and your family. Total Care ONE models are certified for compliance with NSF/ANSI 61.

W.E.T.As an added bonus, our Total Care ONE system is compatible with our exclusive Water Efficient Technology, or W.E.T.™. With this feature, you can maximize system efficiency without sacrificing performance while also saving money!


WripliThe water conditioning system is also compatible with our advanced WiFi technology, or Wripli®. Wripli® helps you conveniently monitor your water habits by tracking how much money you’ve saved, sending out salt alerts, and more!


crystal-rightThis product contains Crystal-Right Media which is capable of filtering iron, reducing hardness, and raising pH levels.