The Importance of Clean Drinking Water for Your Pets

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The Importance of Clean Drinking Water for Your Pets

Most people consider their pets to be their closest friends. As long as humans have walked the earth, our relationships with our little companions have flourished. It’s only right that we look after their health. We can start doing this by making sure they drink uncontaminated water, as this can be the source of many diseases. It’s your responsibility to understand the importance of clean drinking water for your pets, and reading this article is an excellent first step. 

The Effects of Contaminated Water on Pets

Pets, like humans, are incredibly vulnerable to water contamination. Polluted water has many negative effects, including the following:

  • Lead contamination: Lead can cause acute stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea in pets. If they are exposed for long periods, it can lead to poor appetite, blindness, and severe anxiety.
  • Fluoride contamination: At high levels, fluoride is dangerous. It can cause drooling, restlessness, weak muscles, and a rising heart rate. It puts a strain on the kidneys, which try to eliminate it from the body. 
  • E. coli contamination: Most strains of E. coli are relatively harmless, but some strains can be deadly. E. coli is typically found in sewage and instances where animal or human waste is deposited in drinking water. These strains of E. coli are just as dangerous in pets as they are in humans, leading to depression, a higher heart rate, and vomiting in pets.

These effects make it clear that clean drinking water is an essential part of your pet’s health. Next, we’ll look at how you can ensure your pets always receive clean drinking water.

How To Clean Your Pet’s Water

You should clean your pet’s water in the same way you would clean your own. Ensure your residential water filtration system is in place to protect against any harmful bacteria or chemicals in the water supply. Even though most tap water is safe, it’s still best to filter any drinking water meant for yourself, your family, or your pets.  Contaminants and byproducts from water treatment plants can sometimes slip into the water without you knowing. 

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Pet’s Container

No amount of clean water will prove beneficial if the animal’s water container is dirty. This highlights the importance of clean drinking water for your pets since any water filtration systems you have in place will be useless if bacteria is still present on the container. As such, make sure to clean your pet’s container thoroughly before use. 

A lack of clean drinking water can cause harm to your entire family, including your animals. If you want to keep your furry, clawed, or scaly companions safe, their drinking water is an excellent place to start.