Supporting San Antonio’s Local Businesses

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Alamo Water Softeners has been a small business in South Texas for as long as we can remember. Our founder, Allen Townsend probably didn’t realize what a legacy he was leaving behind, not just for his family, but for the entire community of San Antonio and we still miss him to this day. One of the things that he taught us, and that we still work hard at is working together with other San Antonio businesses to help to lift each other up.

Being a small business is always hard. Being a small business during a global pandemic is even harder and our core values help to shape us each and every day.

Alamo Water Softeners Core Beliefs

At our core, we believe in being good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Business is temporary, but our impact is eternal. Doing what is right by God, our team, and our customers will never steer us wrong. We educate, guide, and help all those we come across, and we do it joyfully with a servant’s heart.

These core beliefs have helped steer us through some of our most difficult situations in life, and in our business. These beliefs are also why we are so dedicated to helping other local businesses, not just survive, but thrive. In this post we wanted to highlight one of those San Antonio businesses that is starting to thrive right here in the Alamo City.

Pioneer Texas

You probably have not heard of Pioneer Texas yet, but when we first met Ray Trevino and his partner Mike, we immediately hit it off. Ray told us that he was starting up something new and this was the perfect time to launch his business. Of course, this was at the beginning of the global pandemic and we were a bit skeptical. However, once he told us his vision and the services he would be providing, we were 100% in his corner. Pioneer Texas offers services that helps businesses of all sizes quickly rebound if Covid-19 has been detected with an employee. If your business has an employee that contracts Covid-19 then that business is immediately required to shut down, quarantine any employees and properly sanitize anything and everything in your establishment. You cannot reopen until you have certification that this process has taken place. This can put a strain on small businesses. Pioneer Texas takes care of this for so many San Antonio based businesses large and small, from businesses with a small footprint like UPS stores. To very large scale operations like Dicks Sporting Goods and Gold’s Gym. Pioneer Texas has allowed local San Antonio businesses to open and operate in a reasonable amount of time without losing the opportunity to serve their customers.

We are glad that our paths have intersected and that our journey, both from a business and personal perspective, continues to move forward. We are very excited at what Ray and Mike at Pioneer Texas are building. You can see a full list of services that they offer on their website by clicking here.