Signs You Should Have Your Water Tested

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Signs You Should Have Your Water Tested

Water makes up roughly 60 percent of your body, and it’s required for cells, tissues, and organs to function properly—so shouldn’t your home’s water be clean? Having purified water in your home is impactful on your health and on the performance of your home’s pipes and appliances. Alamo Water Softeners looks at the signs you should have your water tested and the risks of leaving it unfiltered.


Turbidity refers to how cloudy your water appears. The higher your water’s turbidity, the cloudier it looks. Cloudy water is typically an indicator of a very high mineral presence. Though the presence of some minerals in your water is normal, the water should always be clear. Cloudiness is a sign that it’s time for a water test.

Chlorine, Metal, or Sulfur Smell

It probably comes as no surprise that your water shouldn’t have a smell. If your water isn’t properly purified, it may have a jarring scent to it.


Treatment facilities use chlorine to eradicate harmful bacteria in water, but too much chlorine can be just as dangerous. Should you catch a whiff of chlorine when going in for a sip, your home is due for a water test.


A metallic scent in your water indicates a high iron, zinc, or manganese count. Though these minerals aren’t detrimental to your health, they can be harsh on your pipes, and you’ll want to filter them out.


Too much sulfur in your water can lead to intestinal issues and dehydration. Though most water has remnants of sulfur, it should never have so much that you can smell it. If your water smells of rotten eggs, you have a sulfur issue that needs testing.

Physical Symptoms

Sometimes your body will be the first thing to let you know that your home’s water is funky. Here are a few bodily signs you should have your water tested ASAP:


Harsh water contaminants can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Unsatisfying showers that result in dry skin or brittle and dull hair often symbolize a faulty water system.


Other new physical symptoms may include poor digestion, headaches, and dehydration. There are other factors to consider when you’re experiencing new physical symptoms, but the quality of your home’s water should definitely be one of them.

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