Certified Reverse Osmosis Tap Filter

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The WaterMaker Five reverse osmosis tap filter system produces high quality drinking water quickly and easily. The system features a 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane and top-quality coconut carbon filtration in a five-stage configuration. Designed with hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service, the WaterMaker Five RO system delivers 30% higher flow from the faucet while reducing water waste by 50%.

Droughts in Texas have worsened in recent years, so you must consider the importance of water conservation. There’s no room for waste when water is scarce and water bills are rising. This reverse osmosis tap water filter system saves you money by saving you water.

The WaterMaker Five (WM5-50) is a reverse osmosis tap filter that has been tested by The Water Quality Association against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of TDS, arsenic, cysts, fluoride and lead. Everyone deserves high-quality, good-tasting, healthy drinking water flowing from the taps in their home. Contact Alamo Water Systems for an assessment of your water filtration needs and recommendations about reverse osmosis tap filters for the faucets in your home.