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Photo of Alamo Water Softeners Re-Ionator Pro
Photo of Alamo Water softeners ReIonator Pro

Alamo Water Softeners ReIonator PRO™

The Alamo Water Softeners REIONATOR PRO™ will raise the standard of the water you use in your life.  When you experience the REIONATOR PRO™, you will realize that it is more than superior water — this is a superior life.  And it’s astoundingly affordable.


A – TRITON CONTROL VALVE. Our workhorse electronic metered control with high-efficiency programming that anticipates usage, making it 40% more efficient in energy, water, and salt conservation.  The user-friendly interface and built-in dynamic service features make your system smart and easy to operate.

B – COMPOSITE TANK. Our high-pressure composite tank is built to resist corrosion and high water pressure, providing you with peace of mind.

C – ION BALANCED TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY. This innovative technique allows the Reionator Pro™ to provide you with the best in water softening; addressing hard water, iron, lead, sulfates, nitrates, and chlorine.

D – EMBEDDED AQUAHELIX PLATE. This revolutionary technology is designed to provide optimum water flow through the system, effective use of the TechBlend™ media, and incredible efficient performance for resin cleaning.

Graphic of Alamo Water Softeners Re-Ionator Pro process for water treatment


  1. Untreated water flows through the upper distribution cone where it is prepared to be processed.
  2. Positively charged TechSelect™ resin reduces aesthetic chlorine taste and odor while creating water that feels fantastic.
  3. Negatively charged TechSoft™ resin softens water by reducing calcium and magnesium.
  4. Filtered water flows effortlessly through the AquaHelix™ plate and is delivered to your home providing better tasting/smelling water, cleaner laundry, softer skin, easier cleaning, as well as soap, energy, and appliance savings.
  5. When the TechBlend™ resin is ready to be cleaned and recharged, the system uses a brine (sodium or potassium) solution in concert with the AquaHelix™ plate to efficiently lift and clean the resin while providing significant salt and water savings due to its revolutionary design.