How To Keep Your Water Softener Working Properly

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How To Keep Your Water Softener Working Properly

Water softeners are an excellent addition to any water filtration system. We use them for mitigating hard water in your residential water treatment system. Hard water has deposits of calcium and magnesium in it. It’s safe to drink, but it wreaks havoc on your skin health and appliances since the buildup within the pipes keeps them from working at full efficiency. It tastes funny, leaves streaks on your dishes, and leaves lime buildup on your appliances. Water softeners get rid of the magnesium and calcium in the water. So now that you have a water softener, how do you keep it working properly? There are a few things you should do. Find out more here.

Maintain the Brine Tank

You’ll want to do a few things to maintain your brine tank. First, check salt levels once a month. It should always be at least one-quarter full of salt and four to six inches from the top of the tank. Check your manual for the ideal salt level, fill the tank by half and keep it to three inches above water level. Reduce this if you notice old salt clinging to the sides. If you use block salt in your tank, don’t try to take care of that yourself. Instead, get the help of a technician to raise your water level to submerge the block. If you live in San Antonio, our water softener systems technicians here at Alamo Water Softeners are worth a look.

Break Up Salt Bridges

Salt bridges happen when salt forms a solid layer in the brine tank. This isn’t good because the water level can’t reach the salt above it, and the brine solution isn’t produced properly. Salt bridges are formed by a combination of humidity and standing water. This causes the formation of a salt bridge in your tank. Loose salt on top mixes with the water below, preventing the softener from doing its job. Pouring hot water over the bridge makes it easier to work with and helps break up the salt bridge in its entirety.

Clean the Tank

Schedule a cleaning day to take care of your water softener. They can be left alone for up to ten years, but you might not want to wait long to do maintenance. Empty the tank and dump the salt out. After that, you’ll want to remove and clean the brine grid. Scrub the tank with soapy water and rinse it. Finally, replenish the tank with water and salt. After that, put the brine grid back, close your tank, and you should be ready! Keeping your water softener working properly is simple once you learn how.

In short, cleaning your water softening system isn’t a difficult task. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a well-maintained system. Check out our services and products at Alamo Water Softeners! You won’t be disappointed.