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It’s getting harder and harder to tell if water is safe for you to drink. There have even been reports that in some cases, bottled water is WORSE for you than the actual water that comes from the tap. So what we want to do is give you the best information that we have so that you can make the nest decision for your business, customers and ultimately, your family.

This data is from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) whose mission it is to help people live healthier lives. EWG’s most recent report was taken from January 2019 through March 2019. So we have think that not much has changed since this last report. The EWG report also found 30 plus contaminants in tap water. In a lot of cases, according to the report by EWG, the amount of these contaminants in your water exceeds national averages. Some of these contaminants include Nitrate, Bromoform and Dibromoacetic acid (disinfectants used to treat drinking water) and Radium, among others. The amount of those contaminants far exceeds the EWG’s Health Guideline.

How can you fix this? There are a variety of solutions that you can employ to help curb some of these things in your drinking water. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe we need to invest in more bottled water? This is not the best course of action, because most plastic bottles are made from crude oil. Yes, the actual plastic bottles contain something called Microplastics, which may pose health risks. In addition, the environmental effects of purchasing the bottled water which can, depending on the brand, be 2000x more expensive than tap water, are of far greater harm.

So how can you protect your family from the water that comes straight into your home? Alamo Water Softeners has a variety of solutions that can fit your families usage as well as your budget.

Reverse Osmosis Certified Tap Filter

For starters, and probably your most inexpensive solution could be our certified tap filter which can be easily installed under your sink or above your refrigerator. The system features a 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane and top-quality coconut carbon filtration in a five-stage configuration. Designed with hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service, the WaterMaker Five RO system delivers 30% higher flow from the faucet while reducing water waste by 50%.

Pioneer Certified Whole Home Filter

The Pioneer system is the first of its kind, whole house water filtration system. If you want the cleanest water for your home and family, then the Pioneer system deserves your consideration. It will remove heavy metals such as lead from the water your family uses to cook and drink. It will also remove PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid), as well as chlorine, chloramine and many other harmful water contaminants…including >99.95% or Cysts.

Water Softening Plus Filtering in ONE System

If you have yet to invest in a water softening system for your family and want the added protection of a whole home filter, then our Total Care ONE Filter system may be perfect for you. With advanced technology for water softening plus the combination of the specialized ONE cartridge filter you get one of our best water softeners along with the piece of mind of ensuing that you have the healthiest possible water coming into your home.

As always, you can contact Alamo Water Softeners in San Antonio today at (210) 274-6122 so that we can find the best solution for you, your business and customers and your family.

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