How Often You Should Have Your Water Tested

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How Often You Should Have Your Water Tested

Unless we’re prudent, most people only check their water when they taste or smell something is amiss. However, this certainly shouldn’t be the case. Your water should be tested yearly to ensure it doesn’t contain harmful contaminates. Now that we’ve answered how often you should get your water tested, let us dive into the details of why it matters below.

Why Should I Test My Water?

Water is never a one-and-done type deal. Groundwater goes through marked changes over time, so you want to make sure you remove any bacteria that could enter your well by accident. It also ensures that everything is working properly. If, at some point, your water treatment system isn’t performing well when you get your water tested, request the professional run a litmus test. They can then start troubleshooting the issue accordingly. Regular testing also records your water quality over time, as it can be altered by land development and other changes. This is why you should get your water tested often.

When Should You Test It?

Beyond a routine checkup, some physical events will necessitate you getting a water test. If the land around you has been displaced by either the activities of a nearby business that involve chemicals or petrol, or natural disasters, a water test should be performed. Chemical spills and leaks are a leading cause of contamination in most well water sources. You should also be on the lookout for septic system malfunctions.

How Should I Test It?

There are many ways to get your water tested. You could always DIY it. There are test kits that you can get for your home. However, we at Alamo Water Softeners offer you the best water testing in San Antonio. DIY jobs can only get you so far, and you shouldn’t have to do yourself what a professional can easily and effectively do for you. We send the results to the lab for you and give you a nuanced perspective. Don’t miss out on our services!

In short, getting your water tested often is crucial to maintaining the health standards of your home. It ensures that you continue to indulge in the highest quality water you can experience. If you’re interested in giving your water a revamp, check out Alamo Water Softeners today!