How Often Should Your Water Softener Be Serviced

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How Often Should Your Water Softener Be Serviced

Water softeners in your home are designed to run efficiently and effectively in the background. That can make them easy to overlook when they need to get inspected or replaced. So how often should your water be serviced then? Read below to find the answer.

When To Have Water Softener Serviced

Most manufacturers recommend having your water softener serviced annually to ensure it’s working at peak performance. Technicians can assess the effectiveness of these systems and figure out if there’s anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. You should have your water softener serviced when you notice any problems.

Why You Need Water Softeners Serviced

During service calls, a trained technician can perform many tasks, including the following:

  • Double-checking all your valve settings are optimal. This optimization guarantees your softener be working correctly and also save you money when there’s a notable change in your water usage.
  • They can recharge your resins and your brine tank. They may also inspect the brine tank for salt bridging and disinfect your system as needed.
  • Your water treatment specialist will test your water as part of your yearly service. An annual water test can confirm the contamination levels in the water haven’t changed over the previous year and that your water treatment system doesn’t need to be adjusted.

Signs You Should Have Water Softener Serviced Right Away

While periodic inspections can detect flaws before they become more significant, be mindful of changes and problems that may indicate immediate concerns with your systems. When you see these changes, call a technician.

Slow Decline in Water Quality

Water softeners help to virtually eliminate all minerals (such as calcium and magnesium in hard water) that cause scum to build up. So, if you see soap scum, dry skin, or grimy buildup on dishes, it might be a sign of a gradual and steady decrease in your water softener system’s effectiveness.

Water Pressure Changes

When you observe a gradual shift over time in your water pressure, it might indicate that your water softener needs to be replaced. When minerals such as calcium build up, the flow of water via your pipes decreases, lowering your water pressure.

The Taste Is Off

Whenever you notice a strange or off-putting taste in your water, have your water softener inspected. Because hard water contains more minerals than soft water, it tastes different. Have the water tested and assess whether you need to have your water softener serviced or replaced.

Hopefully, this guide has helped answer any questions about how often your water softener should be serviced. Alamo Water Softeners provides the best value for the highest quality water treatment in San Antonio, with experts who can supply excellent service for your water softener systems. Feel free to contact us today with any questions.

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