How Often Do You Think About Water?

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Alamo Water Softeners San Antonio - Drinking Water - Water Filtration

Alamo Water Softeners San Antonio – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

You know I was doing some thinking the other day about the great work that we do here at Alamo Water Softeners. Not that you need to know this or maybe its one of the reasons that you are a customer, but we are a family owned business started here in San Antonio by my dad. Because we are family owned, it got me thinking about my own kids and family and all the ways that we, in our own family use water. Now I know its not the most interesting topic, but seriously, take ten minutes to just think about all the ways your family uses water in your own lives.

For me, when I went through this water is literally everywhere. Your refrigerator uses water to make ice, in the water dispenser that you fill your cups from. The water from your sink is used on your dishes and to boil your spaghetti. You take showers, water your pets, wash your clothes and if you have a vegetable garden then you probably use the regular old hose water to water your growing vegetable garden, that you probably use to feed your family. It’s literally everywhere in our lives. Now this is not a sales pitch or anything, but as I was going through this thought process, I definitely want to have the best, safest water available for my family and pets. That right there, is part of the reason that my dad started this company.

If you’re not from the Greater San Antonio area, you probably don’t know that our primary source of water is the Edwards Aquifer. If you live in one of the outlying areas, like Boerne, New Braunfels or Live Oak, then you might have a well. That can be both bad and good. Good because you probably don’t have the bills that come with a municipal water source, but bad because well water is a little more difficult to work with than municipal water. Well water hasn’t been put through the rigors of water purification; it also most likely has a natural source that feeds it. Which means it can have more…to clean out of it before its healthy for people to use. We have the products that are perfect for homes that pull water from a well. We have of course the softeners, because let’s face it, all the south Texas water is extremely hard and can calcify your entire plumbing system, but we also have the reverse osmosis purification system that can ensure that you have the safest, cleanest water for cooking and drinking. For larger homes or farms with more people or animals, we have larger systems that can fit your needs perfectly.

Once you start thinking about the large role that water plays in your life and possibly livelihood, then why would you trust it to some big corporation that just cares about how much money they can make off of you. My dad knew this, and that’s the other reason he started this company. He was tired of seeing people getting taken advantage of by those big companies, and part of the reason we look forward to serving you and why we are still in business today.

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Alamo Water Softeners San Antonio - Drinking Water - Water Filtration

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