How Iron in Your Water Affects Your Health

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How Iron in Your Water Affects Your Health

If you live in areas with many iron deposits in the surrounding land, it’s likely that your water has a high iron concentrate, especially if your home uses well water. Alamo Water Softeners looks at how iron in your water affects your health, as well as signs your water may contain excessive amounts of iron.

Effects of Iron on Your Health

The body needs iron to function. Roughly 70 percent of the body’s iron helps red blood cells and muscle cells transport oxygen to tissue. Insufficient iron levels can leave individuals anemic or feeling fatigued. On the flip side, too much iron flowing through your home’s water system can negatively impact your skin and enable bacterial breeding that causes adverse health conditions.

Exposure To Bacteria Growth

Consumption of iron itself does not pose risks to your health. However, the breeding grounds that iron provides for bacteria does. Iron creates a habitable environment for bacteria.

If harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, enter your home’s water source, your home drinking, bathing, and household water quickly become susceptible to spreading disease. Iron bacteria, though rare, can also occur from a combination of rust and bacterial slime.

Rough, Itchy Skin

In addition to how iron in your water affects your health, it also poses some cosmetic problems. Skin becomes vulnerable to drying out because iron-rich water does not lather well with soap. Insufficient bathing allows soap residue to dry on the skin and causes pore buildup.

Without its natural oils, your skin can become flaky and itchy. If your water continues to go untreated, you may develop skin issues such as eczema and acne.

Signs You May Have Iron in Your Water

If you’ve struggled with itchy or dry skin, look out for these other warning signs you may have iron in your water.

Metallic taste and smell

A high iron concentrate often exudes a metallic smell or taste. If you experience a funky taste from a glass of water or notice a metallic aroma in your shower, there’s a good chance your water has high iron levels.


Too much iron can discolor your water. Rustic red or brown water are telltale signs your water has excessive iron.


Iron tends to stain porcelain, laundry, and dishes. Check your bathroom fixtures for any unfavorable reddish-brown stains.

How To Treat Your Home’s Water

Fortunately, there are plenty of tests and treatments to establish a safe and unproblematic home water system. Alamo Water Softeners is a premier water softener company in San Antonio that prides itself on treatments and softeners that provide your home with the highest quality water. Contact us today to learn more on which products and services best suit your home’s water system needs.