CareSoft Elite RC Twin

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Alamo Water Softeners CareSoft Elite RC Twin

Double the efficiency and perfect for San Antonio city water.  This twin unit filters out disinfectants, smelly odors as well as other contaminants that can be harmful to your family and pets.  The dual tank allows for continuous treatment when you need it day or night.  This high performance and maximum efficiency product is designed with a two chamber tank and can perform two treatments at once and utilizes a high-capacity resin that reduces water hardness.  This “smart” softener also learns your water use habits and is able to adjust accordingly.  The CareSoft Elite RC Twin also comes with patent pending Vortech Technology which helps your water and usage efficiency.

CareSoft Elite RC Twin


WripliThe CareSoft Elite® system is also compatible with our advanced WiFi technology, or Wripli®. Wripli® helps you conveniently monitor your water habits by tracking how much money you’ve saved, sending out salt alerts, and more!


chlorine-generator-self-sanitizer-logoChlorine Generators come standard with each CareSoft Elite RC.  This creates chlorine directly from the salt in the brine solution to help keep your softener and water clean for max efficiency.

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Vortech Technology
Vortech Technology
Traditional Cone Softener In Action
Vortech Softener Technology In Action