5 Reasons You Should Have Your Water Tested

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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Water Tested

Many houses experience water contamination, which is often a serious problem. So how do you know when water requires a filter or softener? The answer is water testing. Water testing provides a litmus test that will tell you what you should do for your water. As such, there are many reasons you should have your water tested. We’ll go through a few below, so read on if you want to find out more.

There Might Be Problems With Well Water in Your Area

You’ll want to know if there are problems with well water in your area. Contaminated well water can lead to harmful bacteria and fecal matter entering your household. Water testing is a helpful way to learn what’s happening with the water in your neighborhood, not just your house. When you have that information, you can better address any issues with the water. 

Copper and Lead Could Be Present

Because plumbing is typically made of copper or lead, water can carry rust from the plumbing into your home. This is particularly dangerous because heavy lead and rusted copper deposits can lead to several health issues for you and your family. This includes fever, passing out, throwing up, and diarrhea. You’ll want to get the drop on this issue before you experience any of that.

You Can Keep the Data

If you test your water frequently, you get to keep the data to show the city in case something goes awry. If you get any contaminants in the future, you can prove to the government that this has only sometimes been the case. In addition, you can test for things like copper or lead in the water. That way, if it’s a city problem, you can prove in court that this is a widespread issue and not one you should have to contain on your own. This is a key reason why you should get your water tested.

You’ll Know Whether You Need a Filter or Water Softener

If you know what’s in your water, you’ll be better equipped to learn the best way to mitigate the problem. You’ll be able to clearly see if you need a water softener or water filter. Our services for water testing in San Antonio will give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision, whether you choose a water filter or water softener.

It Keeps Your Mind at Ease

Testing your water gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your water is safe. You’re using this water to bathe, drink, and wash. Ensuring it’s of the highest quality possible will help you sleep well at night. If you want to get your water tested here at Alamo Water Softeners, we’re happy to help. Shop Alamo today!