4 Things You Should Know About Hard Water

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4 Things You Should Know About Hard Water

If your water looks cloudier than normal, you have streaks on your dishes, and your skin is a little dry, you might have issues with hard water. Hard water is a relatively common phenomenon, and while not deadly, it can cause several problems with your skin and even appliances. There are quite a few things you should know about hard water. Let’s dive into it below.

Hard Water Is the Result of Limestone Formation

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Calcium typically dissolves into the water as it comes into contact with hard limestone. Rock formations such as dolomite have magnesium, so when water flows over it, it also picks up magnesium. These are the two culprits that make your hard water a problem.

It’s Safe to Drink

Hard water has an unpleasant cloudy look that makes most people assume it’s dangerous to ingest. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a calcium deficiency, it may even be good for you, especially if you’re in a place where calcium and magnesium are deficient on a dietary level. That said, hard water, while safe for human ingestion, is not so great for appliances. This is a key point you need to know about hard water. 

It Can Wreak Havoc on Your Appliances

Calcium and magnesium are still hard mineral deposits. When they come in contact with your pipes from your residential well, they can start to line the sides with deposits. High mineral content can cause a decrease in water pressure and diminish the effectiveness of your appliances. This buildup can also cut the lifespan of your appliance dramatically short, so you may find that you’re sending your water heater and appliances in for repairs and replacements far more often than most.

You Can Get Rid of It

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