3 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Water Softener Size

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3 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Water Softener Size

Do you want a water softener for your home? It’s a good investment if you’re concerned with the negative impacts of hard water on your home. However, it can be difficult to determine which size you need since they come in many varieties. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the proper water softener size for their needs even if it fits perfectly, greatly decreasing its efficiency. You’ll notice if it’s deficient in salt since it uses 2,100 pounds of salt a year. You should avoid this, so we’ve listed a few tips to help you choose the right water softener size for your home.

Why Efficiency Matters

The efficiency of your water softener directly correlates with how much salt it needs. In addition, it determines how much salt you have to purchase. Carrying heavy bags of salt to and around your home can wear you out. Unfortunately, the salt can harm the environment as it discharges from your home.

If your water softener is efficient, you’ll significantly save on costs. Additionally, you won’t have to replace your water softener frequently, which is why energy efficiency matters in the long run. This is a great tip to help you choose the right water softener size.

Properly Size Your Water Softener

Calculating your “daily softening requirements” is ideal before purchasing a filtration system. It measures how much water hardness your water softener removes daily. Calculate this by integrating your water consumption and your water hardness. Test your water to determine its hardness before purchasing a softener. You can get a report on your water hardness level from your local water utility company, and you might find these reports online. Multiply the water hardness by your daily water use, and you’ll find your daily softening requirement. Finally, you’ll know your softening conditions.

Select a Softener That Meets Your Needs

You can determine the size of your residential water filtration system based on the results of your calculations. Water softeners are usually sized to regenerate once a week. This regeneration method balances, causing excessive wear and tear on your valve to keep your resin bed fresh. For instance, if you take your daily softening requirement at 4,000 grains per day for seven days, you’ll need a softener that can handle 28,000 grains of hardness. By following this process, you’ll find the best water softener for your home.

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