3 Steps To Take To Unclog Your Water Filter

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If your home uses a water filter, it’s important to maintain it. Part of this maintenance is cleaning and unclogging it to function properly. If your water filter is clogged, your water supply can become a cesspool for bacteria and debris. Check out these three steps for unclogging your water filter.

Shut Off Your Water Supply and Release the Pressure

Shut off the valve controlling your home’s water so water no longer flows. Test this by trying to turn on the water in various appliances, such as sinks. If they don’t release water, you’ve properly shut off the valve. You can also cut the power to your home pump or shut off the pressure in your water pressure tank. Release the water pressure in the pipes and allow the water to drain. This process should get most major particles out of your filter as the water flows into the sink. Don’t be fooled, though; this isn’t the only step. Now, you have to clean it.

Remove the Filter and Clean the Housing

Most filters contain housing cartridges. Cleaning them is the second step to take to unclog your water filter. Remove and clean them one by one, setting them aside to minimize confusion. When you finally unscrew the casing, twist it to the left. This should cause it to unscrew away from the primary unit. Slide the water filter out and remove any debris that might be stuck on it. You might find debris, mold, or algae, so wear gloves when cleaning the filter.

Finally, soak the filter in soapy, warm water for about 10 minutes. Clean the inside of the caps and casing with a sponge. Rinse it, make sure you’ve removed all the debris, and dry it with a cloth.

Replace Cartridges and Screw the Filter in Place

You’ll want to replace your cartridges if you notice excessive debris. You’ll know to replace them if you struggle to put them back in place with the housing. After replacing them, screw the filter back in place with your hands or a wrench.

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