Your Home Is Now Serviced With Some Water From The New Vista Ridge Pipeline

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Your Home Is Now Serviced With Some Water From The New Vista Ridge Pipeline

According to Steve Clouse, the senior VP and CEO of SAWS, just about every San Antonio home is now being serviced with some percent of Vista Ridge Water.

If you have never heard of the Vista Ridge pipeline, it is a $923 Million Dollar project that aims to supply about 20 percent of Bexar County and the Greater San Antonio areas water needs. Finished in July of 2020, the 142-mile pipeline originates in Burleson County to carry water underground all the way onto Bexar County. It carries with it, up to 45 million gallons of water to the new Agua Vista station where the water is being chemically treated, disinfected, stored and then distributed to homes and businesses in and around Stone Oak and Timberwood Park. With anything that is new there is both good and bad that come with it.

The Good from the San Antonio-Vista Ridge Pipeline

Now that Vista Ridge Water is coming into Bexar County, our metro area is less dependent on water strictly from the Edwards Aquifer. In fact, right as the pipeline was being “turned on” it did help to ease stress on the areas use of the Edwards Aquifer and push back our normal summer water restrictions, and have them take effect later in the summer. Also to note, we are still in Phase One water restrictions in the San Antonio area. You can find out more about those restrictions here.

The Vista Ridge Pipeline also gives our area enough resources to continue its impressive growth. San Antonio now ranks second nationally in increase in population. The city added over 17,000 people between 2018 and 2019 with that growth continuing into 2020.

The Bad from the San Antonio-Vista Ridge Pipeline

Whenever you purchase a new product or something you have never used before, there are always learning curves. The Vista Ridge Pipeline is not something that we can simply read the reviews on and see if it is something that we want to purchase or not. Water is being serviced to our homes now. Just given the fact that the water is being treated with chemicals and disinfected should let you know that some of those chemicals and disinfectants are making its way into your home. Most SAWS customers have not noticed a change in their tap waters last or hardness, but with this new resource comes some level of apprehension on the part of the residents of San Antonio.

Peace Of Mind

These days, it is so hard to trust what you see on the news or read about on the internet, even with “trusted” or “verified” resources. So the best thing for you to do is to always trust what you can see for your own eyes and touch. Our Alamo Water Softener systems can take the uneasiness of unknown water coming into your home. This is the water that your pets drink, water for your babies formula and water that you use to drink and cook with. It should always be of the highest quality. When water enters your home, it still has some of those comical and disinfectants in it that SAWS uses. Since the Vista Ridge water has a lot of the same hardness levels as water from the Edwards Aquifer, our Alamo Water Softeners CareSoft Elite RC unit is one of the most reliable units out there and is perfect for treating the hardest of San Antonio and Vista Ridge water.

Our Alamo Water Softener Total Care ONE Filter unit does a lot of the same work as our CareSoft Elite RC, but adds the piece of mind of the ONE filter that will remove all the contaminants as well as lead, cysts and PFOA and PFOS and will provide your home with some of the best quality water possible. If you ever have any questions about your homes water, do not hesitate to contact Alamo Water Softeners in San Antonio today at (210) 274-6122.

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