4 Water Softener Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

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4 Water Softener Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Just like anything else, water softeners require maintenance to support optimal function. Otherwise, the softener could become inefficient—not fully treating hard water—or break down completely. Learn more about the four water softener maintenance tips everyone should know below.

Maintain the Salt Level

First, you’ll want to check your brine tank’s salt levels around once a month. Salt is crucial to the water-softening process since it regenerates resin beads, ensuring the water-softener process occurs efficiently. The manual that comes with the water softener should tell you what the ideal salt level is. Generally, you’ll want to fill the tank halfway with salt, about 4 inches above the water. Note that higher salt levels can improve efficiency, but you should reduce the amount if you notice old salt accumulating at the sides.

Perform Standard Upkeep

Make sure you regularly adjust the bypass valves to ensure they’re filtering hard water effectively. Twist the valves to the on and off positions and then return them to their regular positions. If you notice dripping, disassemble the valves and replace any damaged seals or washers.

You should also flush your tank with water softener cleaner every few months. Ensure you follow the softener’s instructions. Also, don’t forget to clean the resin tank, especially the suction that pulls water in for regeneration. If you do these things, you’ll have a long-lasting, well-maintained water softener!

Clean the Tank

You should thoroughly clean your tank every five to 10 years. You’ll know it’s time to clean it if you’re starting to have issues with hard water even after you perform basic maintenance on the tank. Streaks on your dishes, lime buildup on your faucets, and dry flakey skin result from hard water in your pipes. Know the signs, and you’ll know when it’s time to clean.

To clean, first empty the take by shutting off the bypass valve and dumping all the water and salt. Remove the brine grid. On the side, mix about 2 gallons of water with a large amount of dish soap. Then, get to scrubbing! Use the soapy water to scrub, then rinse and do a once-over with bleach. Finally, refill the tank. Your brine tank should look brand new after cleaning!

With these water softener maintenance tips everyone should know, you can keep your system in great shape for a long time. If you’re looking for an amazing selection of water softeners in San Antonio, Alamo Water Softeners has you covered. We have water softeners and installation companies waiting to serve you, so shop Alamo Water Softeners today!