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Not all plumbers are experts in water treatment.  Not all water treatment specialists are licensed plumbers.  At Alamo Water Softeners in San Antonio, Austin and Houston we are licensed in both.  We guarantee that a certified plumber & water treatment specialist will oversee the work being done in your home.  We will always ensure our high standards of quality and workmanship when handling home plumbing services in San Antonio.

Your home’s plumbing is something that most homeowners don’t pay attention to, until there is a problem.  It is very much, out of sight, out of mind.  Think of your home’s plumbing system like the inner working of a motor.  Your plumbing system is full of tiny parts, like gaskets, that over time wear out and can cause your plumbing system to have a shorter lifecycle and increase the risk of water damage inside or outside of your home.


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Home Plumbing Services from Alamo Water Softeners can include a whole home plumbing evaluation, including whole home leak detection.  Water is one of our most valuable resources, and conserving it can help you save a ton of money.  There is a high likelihood that you have running water in your home right now.  There is most likely a runny toilet, leaky faucet or leaky shower.  This could cause your water bill to be up to 50% higher than it needs to be.  Those leaks if not addressed, cause you to pay for water you aren’t even using.  With a Whole Home Plumbing Evaluation and Leak Detection, we can help you put that money back in your pocket.

Plumbing Evaluation and Leak Detection From Alamo Water Softeners

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Since you already trust Alamo Water Softeners for your water treatment, you can expect that same level of skill and expertise when you need home plumbing services in San Antonio. We can take care of all your homes plumbing needs from the meter on into your home.
The biggest source of frustration with most homeowners is their water heater. Residential plumbing services from Alamo Water Softeners can either repair or replace your existing hot water heater.  We will ensure that your water heater is properly serviced and repaired or replaced, and up to current standards.  We are proud to offer Rheem® Tankless and Traditional Style Tank Heaters.  For more information on how we can help you with your water heater, click here.
A whole home plumbing evaluation from Alamo Water Softeners checks for just about everything you can think of.  From small leaks in your Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) to discovering leaks in your kitchen or bathrooms plumbing and fixtures.  As mentioned above, there is a very good chance that at least one or more of your toilets is running or leaking water and you probably don’t even know it.  Our experts can detect all small leaks and work to repair them at the source with our home plumbing services in San Antonio.
Your PRV, or Pressure Reduction Valve is, in most cases, located right next to your water main shutoff near the street buried underground.  This one part can impact your entire homes water quality.  If your PRV is not set properly and your homes water pressure is too high, it could cause your water to flow too fast to allow your water softener and any filter or filtration system to operate properly.  This would keep your family from receiving the highest possible water quality.  High water pressure from your PRV can also lead to burst pipes in your home and cause unnecessary damage to your property.  If your water pressure is too low, then your fixtures, faucets and showers will not operate as they are intended to.
We also offer a variety of add ons that can be performed at your home while we are there executing our residential plumbing services.  These are usually smaller scope projects that can include:
  • Replacing or repairing garbage disposals
  • Toilet Replacement
  • Faucet, shower or other fixture replacement.  We are proud to offer Moen® faucets and fixtures for your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Replacing your washing machine hoses
While some simple residential plumbing projects can done by homeowners, please know that we are just a call away and in most cases small plumbing issues can lead to bigger problems down the line.  Especially if they aren’t addressed the right way, the first time.  Alamo Water Softeners keeps all plumbing parts in stock and will ensure all work has the proper permits and is up to code.

Contact Alamo Water Softeners in San Antonio, Austin and Houston today at (210) 274-6122 to ask about your whole home plumbing evaluation and how our home plumbing services can benefit your home in San Antonio, Austin or Houston.

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