Water Softeners Cypress

Water Softeners Cypress

It doesn't matter what type of water filter you own. If it uses filter cartridges and a membrane, it'll need to be replaced frequently. Our water filter cartridges at AWS help eliminate the impurities in your water supply. And as a premier water softener equipment supplier, we have best-in-class water softener systems that turn hard water into soft water. So, you can buy water softeners and filters from us.



Form 5 Reverse Osmosis 50 GPD Membrane – $52.80

Recommended replacement – every 12 months


This cost-effective membrane consistently offers high performance and quality. It comes with a thin composite that’s bacteria resistant and has superior flow rates and rejection. Replacement reverse osmosis membrane can fit most common RO systems.

GPD membrane is the industry standard for quality water filtration and provides very clean water. A reliable NSF-certified alternative for small and residential membrane requirements. It’s rated at 50 gallons per day. Hydron membranes deliver an advanced and precise element that provides an impressive cost-to-benefit ratio.

RO membrane elements can be used in a range of small-size system applications like household water purification, hydroponics, and other applications that need a high-performance and reliable membrane. Water filters can be used together with our water softeners in Cypress.


Form 5 Reverse Osmosis Filter And Cartridge Replacement Set – $63.11

Recommended Replacement – Depending on the water quality, replace 2 to 3 times per year.


Set has: 2-NSF Carbon Block Filters 1-5 Micron Filter 1-Inline Coconut Shell Carbon Filter for chlorine, odor, and taste reduction. Carbon Block Filters keep water fresh by reducing or getting rid of industrial chemicals like chlorine.

Replace membrane and filters frequently to experience maximum performance and the highest water quality from your RO system. If you’re dealing with hard water, use our water softeners in Cypress. Getting filter packs instead of ordering individually offers considerable savings.


HydroGuard Cartridge Replacement Filters

Recommended Replacement – Every year


Bundle has: 1-HDGT-CBG Carbon Block Post Filter ($29.03) 1-HDGT-SED5 Pre-Sediment Depth Filter ($19.87) 1-HDGT-CB5 Carbon Block Pre Filter ($27.82). These high-performance filters remove up to 99 percent of dissolved chlorine, microorganisms, fluoride, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, barium, and cadmium, usually found in unfiltered tap water. Enjoy clean, safe water with the Hydroguard cartridge replacement filters that also eliminate odor and taste from your drinking water.


HydroGuard Twist Alkaline/ORP Filter – $202.33


Provides safe, clean, alkaline RO water. The system removes harmful contaminants and alkalizes your water by raising the pH levels to 8.5 to 10. At the same time, it increases the negative oxidation-reduction potential or ORP. The filter eliminates arsenic, lead, nitrates, cysts, and other contaminants from unfiltered tap water.

Life Is Better With Soft, Clean Water

How often you need to replace your cartridge will depend on the nature of your water supply and the type of filtration system. Each AWS water filtration system has a recommended cartridge replacement schedule. Still, if you notice the taste of your water is off after several months, that's a good time to replace your cartridges. Whether you want to buy cartridges or replace your softener, we have everything, including the best water softener brands. Get a free estimate for our water softener prices: Check our water system pricing..

Water Softeners Cypress

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