The Alamo Sentry

The Sentry series is one of the most versatile and simplistic water conditioners available. It is designed to provide years of reliable service. This electronic control valve serves as the command center for the water conditioner. The control valve monitors your water usage and only regenerates when necessary. The control valve software profides a constant supply of conditioned water and efficiently uses salt. The Smart System learns your family’s habits and predicts your next day’s soft water needs!

Concerned with power failures? The Alamo Sentry has a battery back-up for power failures.

Clack Valve – Proven, reliable, full adjustable and low maintenance
High Capacity, chlorine resistant, 8% crosslink cation resinWater Filter in San Antonio
Solid State Microprocessor with easy front panel settings
Full 1″ flow throughout the water softener
Demand initiated regeneration
Stores system configuration and operation data in non volatile memory
Battery back-up with up to 8 hour carry over
Soft water brine refill
Enpress Resin Tank – Made from extra strong polypropylene