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City Water Quality Complaints and Water Fixes
Every now and then, a story about serious water problems such as lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, makes headlines and raises concerns. But the truth is, most municipal water in the United States is safe to drink. We’re lucky to...
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Fridge Filter or Reverse Osmosis System – Comparing Water
Getting fresh drinking water in your home is a convenience we all enjoy. Yet, the quality of tap water coming directly from the faucet may not meet your expectations. Perhaps you don’t like the taste, or maybe you’re concerned about...
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Smooth Hair and Skin Only Happens With Soft Water
As we start to creep into the warm...ok, HOT summer months here in South Texas, beauty regiments take on a whole new meaning with more outdoor activities. We all know the sun can cause damage to your skin and hair,...
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Who is responsible for my drinking water?
Drinking water quality concerns are making headlines across the US. So, it’s no surprise that more people are becoming conscious of what they consume through the water they drink. The US is fortunate to be one of the countries with...
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Love Living in the Hill Country? Nitrates in well water do too.
Life in the hill country has its own set of distinct luxuries compared to city living. Wide-open spaces, distant neighbors, quiet roads, the slower pace of everyday life, the…overpowering smell of manure from the Super-Farm down the highway a few...
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Safe, Clean Water for Your Home and Health
Potable Water Quality Concerns A softener will not solve every water quality concern in your home. Even if your water is soft, it may still be contaminated in ways that are unsuitable for drinking and cooking purposes. * Typical homeowner...
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