Signs You Need a Home Water Filter

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Signs You Need a Home Water Filter

We use water for doing chores, bathing, and staying hydrated. Water filtration allows us to effectively accomplish these tasks with clean, high-quality water. Some of the signs that you need a home water filter will reveal themselves in various forms around the house. Here, we review which indicators signal that it’s time for an upgraded water system. They’re important to note, as unattended water problems can lead to significant plumbing problems and even health issues.

The Taste of Your Water

Of all the signs that you need a home water filter, funky-tasting water is perhaps the most obvious. If your tap water has a notably different taste to it, chances are, your home needs a water filter appliance. Water filters sift out the excess minerals that can leave your water tasting metallic. If your water tastes salty, this is an indicator that your water softener is overcompensating for the hard water it’s processing.


Turbidity refers to how cloudy your water is. If you hold a glass of water up to light, the water should be clear. Cloudy or murky water is another clear sign that it’s time you installed a home water filter. If you can’t determine whether your water is safe, get it tested. Water tests can check for basic contaminants and pH balance.

Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure is a telltale indication your water fixtures need some TLC. Call on a plumber to determine the cause of low water pressure, as it could be a result of leaking or clogged pipes. Jump on the source of poor pressure to avoid exacerbating existing water system issues.

Filters are one way to promote proper water flow in your home’s pipe system and to prevent blockage. They work best when they’re replaced as necessary, as they, too, can experience buildup that hinders their performance.

Tough Chores and Rough Skin

Do you have dishes that seem cloudy no matter how hard you scrub them or how many times you put them through the dishwasher? This is because the water you’re washing them with is too harsh. Dingy clothes are also signs of hard water.

Too many contaminants in your water can also have tough consequences on the texture of your skin and hair. Hard water makes it more difficult for the two to trap moisture.

Mind Your Usage

For most water contraptions, a filter replacement should occur a year after application. Of course, the more you use a certain faucet or drain, the sooner it should receive a new filter. For example, refrigerator water dispensers have a recommended six-month period between filter upgrades. Maintain proper timing on water filter replacement and application to optimize your home’s water.

If you’re looking for San Antonio water testing, contact Alamo Water Softeners. We have a high-grade water testing system that will inform you whether your water needs filtration. We strive to create healthy living environments with water systems that promote safe and clean water at home.