How Iron in Your Water Affects Your Health

If you live in areas with many iron deposits in the surrounding land, it’s likely that your water has a high iron concentrate, especially if your home uses well water. Alamo Water Softeners looks at how iron in your water affects your health, as well as signs your water may […]

When Pipes Freeze Or There Is A Boil Water Notice

Last week’s winter storm has set new records for cold weather and challenged San Antonio.  Below are some common questions we are getting along with our suggestions. If I have a Reverse Osmosis system do I still need to boil my water? Yes! Reverse Osmosis is very effective at reducing […]

How To Treat the Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water has a higher mineral content than soft water. You may notice your home has hard water through: Funny-tasting drinking water Faucet and sink residue Stiff laundry and fading clothing colors Low water pressure Dry skin or brittle hair The results of excess minerals in your home’s water are […]

Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home

Water is constantly rushing through homes to help homeowners bathe and perform routine chores. However, hard water can make accomplishing these tasks difficult—it can even be detrimental. Hard water contains excess minerals—mostly calcium and magnesium—that can have adverse effects on your health and on your home appliances’ efficacy. High-quality water […]

Who Is AWS?

Not sure what kind of water you have coming into your home?  Want to know more about the process of choosing a system that is best for you? Check out our interactive video.  This can help you understand what your biggest water problem may be.

Understanding How a Water Softener Works

Hard water is unfavorable for its harsh effects on your skin, dishes, household appliances, and plumbing. Excess calcium and magnesium buildup promote premature appliance and plumbing failure that can result in costly repair and replacement expenses. Water softener systems are responsible for filtering out minerals that would otherwise make your […]

How Often You Should Test Your Drinking Water

Most people know that they should drink water daily. Of course, if we’re drinking so much water, we should make sure it’s clean. Perhaps this is common knowledge as well, but when is the last time you checked your water? Learn how often you should test your drinking water to […]

AWS Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you install water softeners for well water or just city water? Alamo Water Softeners can install the highest quality of water treatment products in your home or business whether you are on a well or your water is supplied by a municipality. Well water does have larger variances […]

Softened Water Benefits Study

It’s amazing what happens when scientists and researchers get their hands on some new things regarding our most valuable environmental resource, water. “Water has been researched in infinite ways, but new water-related research still has the power to surprise us.” In this study, released in February from the Water Quality […]

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: The Differences

Hard water vs. soft water—the differences are exposed through home appliance efficiency and skin and hair texture. Whether water is hard or soft gets determined by its level of minerals. Alamo Water Softeners reviews the glaring variances between hard and soft water and explains why soft water is helpful for […]