Liquor Dispenser Machine

Liquor Dispenser Machine

Having a wine dispenser and preserver will always be a useful tool, you can use it in so many ways and take advantage of it as you wish to. Let us take a look at some of the best ideas for using your wine bottle dispenser after acquiring it with the greatest provider, Wineemotion USA.

  • Bars

When you incorporate a liquor dispenser machine, the guests’ experience will be improved. Our wine dispenser for bottles seeks to eliminate all spoilage and over pouring. It will surely make your clients want to go back soon!

  • Restaurants

For this, we could make a special mention to our Wineemotion’s Series 2 and 3. These wine dispensers and chillers will perfectly preserve your wine for up to 30 days, you can even serve it at 3 pre-prepared portions!

  • Hotels

You can place your liquor dispenser machine at so many spots… Lobby, lounge, restaurants and why not guest suites? Your guests will be pleased to enjoy the finest wine, preserved and dispensed in the most fancy and comfortable way.

  • Lounges

When tasting wine, you will be able to live a whole new experience if you use Wineemotion. We are aware that drinking wine goes further away, we love to fully feel its flavor, aroma and consistency. Try out our nitrogen & argon preservation system!

  • Airports

A good wine is an offer that no one could resist before traveling by plane. Relax with a sip of a greatly preserved wine and get ready to have a good flight. So many airports have tried out Wineemotion for giving their clients the top experience ever.

  • Clubs

In every kind of club, members and guests will love to have a wine dispenser to drink their favorite one while having some awesome moments with friends and family. It will be a distinguishing aspect in your service and facilities, that everybody would like to experience.

  • Residential

The best way of enjoying yourself is with good company, maybe some neighbors, and a couple glasses of wine! All condominiums are willing to have this amazing feature in their common spaces. You may already have a gym, pool… But Wineemotion is waiting for you!

  • Retails

Having a liquor dispenser machine in your retail store will absolutely boost your client’s confidence in the product before buying it. Give them a try of your premium selection of wine, whiskies and spirits with Wineemotion’s programmed ½ ounce tasting feature.

  • Stadiums

For those of you who may not want to have only beer or soda, enjoying a good glass of your favorite high-quality wine too is now possible with our wine dispensers.

  • Theaters

Have a great moment for entertainment with family and friends, maybe watch a brand new movie with some wine and your preferred snacks. Live the best and most sophisticated experience ever!

As you have seen, there are so many options to use your Wineemotion dispenser and preserver, especially designed for all of our wine lovers out there! To learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or to receive a free quote, contact us today. Link(s):

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Liquor Dispenser Machine

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