How To Treat the Hard Water in Your Home

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Hard water has a higher mineral content than soft water. You may notice your home has hard water through:

  • Funny-tasting drinking water
  • Faucet and sink residue
  • Stiff laundry and fading clothing colors
  • Low water pressure
  • Dry skin or brittle hair

The results of excess minerals in your home’s water are unfavorable, and they may prompt you to invest in tactics that improve water quality. Need to know how to treat hard water in your home? Here, Alamo Water Softeners explores the different strategies to diminish the harshness of your home’s water.

Install a Whole-House Filtration System

The best course of action to solve your home’s hard water issues is to install a whole-house water filtration or softening system. Investing in a filtration system will curtail the need for daily water intervention, such as boiling water and tending to hard water evidence such as scum, chalky skin, and unclean dishes.

With a water softening system, you no longer have to worry how to treat the hard water in your home, as the system tackles hard water as soon as it reaches the main water supply line. With the help of resin beads, softeners filter excess minerals, pumping high-quality water back into your home’s pipelines. At Alamo Water Softeners, we offer different water filtration systems in San Antonio so that customers can equip their homes as desired.

Use a Faucet Water Softener

If you want to reap the benefits of soft water but aren’t ready to invest in a whole-house system, consider a faucet water softener. A faucet water softener will filter that spout’s water of extra calcium and magnesium. The two most common faucet softeners are salt-free softeners and sodium- or potassium chloride–based softeners, which work similarly to whole-house softeners.

Apply Washing Soda to Laundry

If you’re merely looking to lessen the inconvenience that hard water poses to your laundry, you can add washing soda to your laundry. Washing soda contains sodium carbonate, which combats the calcium and magnesium in hard water. Removing these minerals results in soft water, which is better for soaps to lather with. By adding washing soda, you’ll be sure to get a well-cleaned load of laundry rather than stiff and faded clothing.

Boil Hard Water

A quick and cheap way to treat hard water in your home is to boil it. Boiling the water can dissipate its mineral content, resulting in soft water. This is an inexpensive fix for cooking or other consumption purposes, but it’s not the most convenient. If you’re looking to improve your appliances’ water pressure or reduce the presence of grime in water-facilitating features, you’ll need to invest in a more reliable water system. Send Alamo Water Softeners a message today to learn how we can solve your hard water problems.

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