Home Staging Checklist

Home Staging Checklist

Real estate is a hot market and will continue to be one when there are many ways of diversifying the architecture, adding better technology, and shifting the prices to make them more affordable. Selling a home during the peak season is the perfect time for you to get buyers quickly, but do not forget that it is also possible to sell it just as speedily in a low market.

House stagers in Los Angeles are your best partner when you want a surge in buyers and want to make sure you tramp over all other competitive properties in the area. We have a game plan that many homeowners cannot replicate, which means you can outperform any DIY interior designs that threaten your sale.

Home Staging Checklist


The first thing we do is visualize all the different ways we could design the home, and the best way to do so is to purge the home with deep cleaning and decluttering. Cleaning the home may be as deep as removing the tattered floor, sloping the falling paint, and dusting the ceiling.

The team emphasizes the most critical areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, sleeping areas, and attic. Homes that house pets need even more thorough cleaning to eliminate fur and other contaminants that may affect people’s health.

Cleaning the home during winter will require more work because we also have to remove the built-up dirt, the grim in the gutters, and dust in the HVAC filter.

Setting The Ambience

Creating the perfect ambiance uses the right light fixtures, curtain blinders, decors, and more. We take inventory of everything that will make the space pop and do the work to source and install everything perfectly.

You will never get a second chance to impress an interested buyer, so make sure you hire a company that will mow the lawn, keep the windows clean, and adds fresh mulch to add color and sustain the landscape for longer. Los Angeles home stagers do not ignore tiny things like the impact of using a welcome mat, the luxurious effect of outdoor furniture, and the cleanliness of the walkway and driveway.

Setting The Budget

The next step after setting the ambiance is to have a budget so you know all the details you will include in the home. It may be necessary to make certain repairs, move your furniture to a storage unit, and replace the flooring or ceiling, among other tasks.

The best staging companies near you plan ahead of all these issues until we find the perfect balance to bring out the highest quality of the property and keep your expenses within a reasonable frame. You will be surprised at how far the staging company will go with a minimal budget that you would be otherwise too little for a DIY.

The biggest home stagers in the market offer more than enough services and will finish the job perfectly, so you have a decent return on your investment. Contact our LA home staging experts to get started with consultation on luxury home staging services.

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