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Alamo Water Softeners specializes in water softeners, water filtration, and water conditioning.

Alamo promises your family the best value for the highest quality water treatment delivered with love & expertise.

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Alamo Water Softeners

All of our water treatment systems are built and designed to address the very hard water in the San Antonio area! We are proud to offer a variety of solutions to help your family and home the best water possible that are made right here in the USA. As your local authorized WaterCare dealer, Alamo Water Softeners combines the experience of our staff with the most advanced products on the market to give you high quality water efficiently.

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San Antonio Family Drinking Clean Water

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Our number one objective is to deliver remarkable products and services at the lowest prices possible. Our equipment is custom designed for high flow rates and low maintenance. Alamo Water Softeners is a full service water treatment company – Sales, Service and Installation.

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Alamo Product Line


A multi-function that will soften water and filter chlorine from city water at the same time.

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Our top of the line, environmentally-friendly water softener used to protect your home's plumbing, appliances, laundry, skin and hair.

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The perfect solution to rural waters with high hardness and iron levels to prevent scale build up and rust stains all in one product.

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The Gold Series is one of the most versatile and simplistic water conditioners available. It is designed to provide years of reliable service.

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Alamo Water Softeners Customer Testimonials

Clean drinking water

AWS patiently explained the products to me over the phone. Sarah was very nice and knowledgeable, the rep that came out to see me, checked the hard water levels and explained the equipment...

Clean drinking water

The absolute best customer service ever. Trevor, the owner's son, gave me the estimate. Trevor's mother and father must be very proud. He is dependable, honest, knowledgeable, and a well-mannered...


Best in product and customer service around the San Antonio area! I had my water softener and reverse osmosis systems installed over 2 years ago and both the systems are still running the way...

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Why Alamo Water Softeners?

Alamo Water Softeners will save you money. Our water softener and filtration systems are designed to be the highest quality equipment with the least amount of maintenance.