Do I Need a Softener?

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Hard Water Concerns
Hard Water – Water with a total hardness of 10 gpg or more as calcium carbonate equivalent. Hardness is a characteristic of natural water due to the presence of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Water hardness is responsible for most scale formation in pipes and water heaters and forms insoluable “curd” when it reacts with soaps. Hardness is usually expressed in grains per gallon (gpg), parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/l) all as calcium carbonate equivalent. Some water is more difficult to treat. Click on this link to view the problem water chart.


85% of U.S. water is hard due to high dissolved mineral content.

* As a result, virtually all water in the U.S. is hard water, contaminated with minerals and undesirable things.
* Even if your water is soft, it may still be contaminated.
You Can See and Feel Hard Water
* Scale in pipes, water heaters and other appliances reduces operational life
* Mineral spots on glasses
* Hard water stains, scum and scale on sinks, tubs, toilets and fixtures
* Dry, itchy skin from soap residue
* Dull looking, dry hair
* Rough-feeling clothes and dull colors after washing
* Soaps do not lather as well
* Use more soap, detergents and cleaning products

Hard Water = Higher Costs!

* 1/8″ of scale in a water heater requires 20% more energy to operate. (US Bureau of Standards)
* The life of clothing, towels, sheets and other textiles is extended by 15% when washed in soft water. (The School of Civil Engineering and the School of Consumer and Family Sciences Purdue University)

The Cost of Doing Nothing

* Water heaters using LP gas consume 30% more energy/BTU’s with hard water. (New Mexico State University Research)
* 20% of supermarket expenses are for detergents, soaps, cleaning chemicals and personal products such as shampoos. These are products largely necessary due the impacts of hard water. (Orange County California Consumer Survey)

And if I have Soft Water?

* Save up to 70% in soap and detergent usage
* Save up to 65% in cleaning product usage
* Waste less hot water
* Reduce home energy expense
* Spend less time cleaning and shopping
Save time and money…Relax and Lead a better life!