CareSoft Elite® Twin

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Alamo Water Softeners CareSoft Elite Twin


Your CareSoft Elite Twin will have the deep-cleaning capabilities and will produce fresh, great-tasting water that is safe for your family and pets.  This smart unit will even provide customizable performance that is perfect for your water usage.  The double tank is capable of continuous treatment that can learn your water habits.

Vortech Technology also comes standard on all of our CareSoft water softener units.  Including the Twin.  This technology churns up the media to ensure that all of your water is treated, not just the water at the bottom of your tank.  You can see Vortech Technology in Action below.

CareSoft Elite Twin
CareSoft Elite Twin Features

WripliThe CareSoft Elite® Twin water softener system is also compatible with our advanced WiFi technology, or Wripli®. Wripli® helps you conveniently monitor your water habits by tracking how much money you’ve saved, sending out salt alerts, and more!


chlorine-generator-self-sanitizer-logoChlorine Generators come standard with each CareSoft Elite RC.  This creates chlorine directly from the salt in the brine solution to help keep your softener and water clean for maximum efficiency.

Learn More About Vortech Technology
Vortech Technology
Vortech Technology
Traditional Cone Softener In Action
Vortech Softener Technology In Action
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