Water Softeners in Houston, TX

Residents of Houston and the surrounding areas know all about the effects of hard water. Luckily, water softeners in Houston will allow you to alleviate those effects. When water has a high concentration of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, clean glassware still has spots, your washing machine has to work harder, and your shampoo doesn’t lather as well. Hard water can leave a mineral residue on your shower walls and your hands. Alamo Water Softeners can help Houston homeowners address these hard water problems.

In addition, hard water can cause build up, or “scale,” in your pipes. Scale slows or blocks water flow, affecting the water pressure from faucets. Houston-area homeowners notice the effects of hard water when showerheads no long deliver a refreshing blast of water; instead, they produce a weak trickle. Showerheads and faucets develop visible signs of mineral deposits, and hard water simply doesn’t taste as good as it should. These detrimental factors make using water softeners in Houston a sensible solution.

Even if your Houston home is in an area with softer water, various environmental factors can affect your home’s water quality. Water that comes from rivers and lakes, like Houston’s city water, is subject to contamination from storm runoff; chemical and industrial pollution; and the careless disposal of medicines, petroleum products, or home cleaning chemicals. Traces of these pollutants can find their way into your home’s water, even with a high-quality municipal water service, such as the city of Houston’s.

With a whole-house water filter, Houston-area residents can trust that remaining traces of harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants are effectively eliminated from their home’s water supply at the point the water enters the house. That way, clean, filtered water comes out of every tap and showerhead in the home.

Whether your Houston-area home gets water from a municipal system or a well, Alamo Water Softeners can customize a water softener or water filtration system to address your home’s unique water profile. Our experience makes Alamo the obvious choice for water softeners in Houston and the surrounding areas. Contact Alamo Water Softeners with all your water quality questions or concerns, and we’ll find a solution that improves your home’s water quality. You’ll notice a remarkable difference in how your water tastes, how spots now disappear from your glassware, and how much better your showerheads perform.

Alamo also provides ongoing service, including salt delivery, water testing, water heater repair, and plumbing services, to keep your entire home’s water systems working smoothly. Call today.